$100 Million OPUS Mansion Gets A Red Band Trailer

OPUS shares a gold-colored look into the lives of the .001%

Selling a $100,000,000 mansion isn’t like listing a normal home, where sticking a For Sale sign out front and hoping a neighbor is in the market is all it takes.

For OPUS, which is Beverly Hills’ most expensive property (making it an expensive piece of real estate in an already expensive town) it takes a gold-encrusted, NSFW trailer that sells the lifestyle as much as it sells the Roberto Cavalli flooring, Longhi doors, and 20,000+ feet of opulent living space.

Unless you own a sizable amount of dead dinosaurs, or your last name appears on the front of a few different libraries, you’re probably not in the market, but it’s still nice to dream:

Bianca Kmiec

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