6 Cars The US Government Will Finally Let You Own

Take advantage of the ’25-Year Rule’ to legally import these amazing rides, no strings attached.

The United States has a ’25-Year Rule’ that says any car more than 25-years-old can be legally imported into the country, no strings attached. This means any car built in 1992 or earlier can now take up space in your garage, and earn you envious stares from jealous neighbors.

Sure, there are plenty of Japanese econocars and Soviet shitboxes that can now be imported, but that’s not what you care about. You want speed, style, and something unique, which is why these cars should be on your radar.

McLaren F1

McLaren F1
It costs as much as a (very large) mansion, and the only way to get it serviced is to ship it back to England, but the F1 is the pinnacle of speed, style, and performance. It might be a quarter-century old, but if you pull up in an F1, there’s literally no other car on the road that will draw more attention.

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