Buffalo Trace And Duke Cannon Put Bourbon In Your Soap

Bourbon tends to make everything better, so why not add it to your soap?

Duke Cannon and Buffalo Trace Big American Bourbon Soap

Rugged pioneers used to indulge in a dry buffalo steak and a pull of whiskey, not $12 appletinis and a plate of bruschetta. To honor that independent, pioneering spirit, Duke Cannon has partnered with Buffalo Trace Distillery to add their award-winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to a bar of their Big American Bourbon Soap, creating a combo that’s perfect for any man who wants to clean themselves in the most American way possible. (If bourbon’s not your thing, they also teamed up with Old Milwaukee for a Beer Soap.)

This American-made soap has a rich, oak barrel scent that is masculine and outstanding, but not overpowering, and smells as good as bourbon tastes. Weighing in at a full 10oz it’s also 2-3X the size of common, dainty soaps, making this large bar easier to hold and use. Plus it has small bits of ground corn embedded in the soap which helps rough up dead skin cells and keep you looking as good as you smell.

As with all Duke Cannon soaps, the Big American Bourbon Soap is made in the U.S.A. and a portion of all proceeds go to benefit U.S Veterans, so it’s a purchase or a gift you can feel good about.

Get yourself a bar of the Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap here.

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