Candide Thovex Goes Snow Skiing Without The Snow

The best snow skiing video of all time doesn’t have any snow.

Candide Thovex is known for skiing on natural, off-piste terrain. Basically, snow skiing where there is no snow. As part of an advertising partnership with Audi to promote their Quattro system, he scoured the globe in search of unconventional slopes that he could ride on his specially designed freeride skis.

Candide Thovex Wave Skiing

Steering clear of well-known winter spots, Candide focused on locations in Europe, America, and Asia where there is no snow. He goes snow skiing on grass in the far northern reaches of Europe, backflips over seemingly endless sand dunes, rides water on both land and sea, navigates a dense grove of palm trees in the jungle, bombs the slopes of a volcano covered in black ash, and jumps over stone stairs on The Great Wall of China.

Candide Thovex Jungle Skiing

It may be the best snow skiing video ever made, which is impressive since there isn’t a single flake of snow anywhere to be seen:

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