Carry Boxed Wine In Style With Baggy Winecoat

Baggy Winecoat takes the bag out of the box and gives it some style.

Baggy Winecoat

Boxed wine is perfect for a party. It’s not too fancy, it can be bought in bulk, and it’s easy to take with you to the beach, backyard, or BBQ. The only problem? Boxed wine always looks a little cheap, and you’ll never be mistaken for the guy the brought a fancy bottle to share with everyone.

The solution? Baggy Winecoat, by Menu

Baggy Winecoat takes the bag out of the box, and gives it a stylish look that makes any wine look like fancy wine.

Just take the wine bag out of the box it comes in, place the bag into Baggy Winecoat, and close the flexible top that doubles as a handle. If you’re packing white or rosé, or just prefer your wine chilled, there’s even room for an ice pack to keep things cool. A rubber bottom helps keep the bag in place whether you’re sharing it on a table or turf, and an easy pour tap makes it easy to fill up everyone’s cup.

Ready to be the life of the party?

Get yourself the Baggy Winecoat here.

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