Fisher Space Pen Clutch Is Designed To Write ANYWHERE

Iconic Fisher Space Pen has been updated to work in the harshest conditions.

Fisher Space Pen Clutch

The Fisher Space Pen Clutch is a tough pen made for tough jobs.

How tough?

It was designed for use in the oil field industry, so it works in the freezing cold and scorching heat, at any angle including upside down, through grease, underwater, and for three times longer than an average ballpoint pen.

The Fisher Space Pen got its name when the founder, Paul Fisher, invented a retractable, pressurized pen that worked in zero gravity aboard the first manned Apollo mission in 1968. Five decades later, Fisher Space Pens are still used aboard every manned space flight, but you don’t have to be an astronaut to own one.

Get yourself a Fisher Space Pen Clutch here.

BONUS VIDEO: Want to geek out about the technology inside the pen? Check out this How It’s Made segment on the Fisher Space Pen:


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