Five Weird Things You Can Buy With The Push Of A Button

Press Amazon’s Dash Button, get underwear, condoms, and NERF darts. (Sounds like a fun night!)

Amazon’s Dash Buttons are magic. Press one, and a wide variety of items can arrive at your doorstep in just a few days.

Of course you can buy normal stuff with an Amazon Dash Button, like sweets, laundry detergent, RedBull, and toilet paper.

But you can also buy some weird stuff:

Calvin Klein Underwear

Amazon Dash Button - Calvin Klein Underwear

Ready for a fresh pair? Just press Calvin Klein’s Underwear Dash Button, and a multi-colored three-pack will arrive at your door in no time.

Get yourself a Calvin Klein Underwear button here.

LifeStyles Condoms

Amazon Dash Button - LifeStyles Condoms

LifeStyles condoms will not only ship you a pack of condoms at the push of a button, they’ll ship you their Pleasure Collection, including Flavors & Colors, Ultra Sensitive, Everlast, SKYN, and Thinz.

Get yourself a LifeStyles Condoms button here.

Joola Table Tennis Balls

Amazon Dash Button - Joola Table Tennis Balls

You probably have to smash A LOT of table tennis balls to need a fresh shipment available on demand, but if you celebrate each Ace with a paddle smash, this button is for you!

Get yourself a Joola Table Tennis Balls button here.

NERF Darts

Amazon Dash Button - NERF Darts

They won’t arrive in time to re-arm yourself in the middle of battle, but if you’re ready to dominate the office NERF war, you’re going to need some extra ammo to show your co-workers who’s boss… of NERF.

Get yourself a NERF Darts button here.


Amazon Dash Button - Play-Doh

Just opened up a can of Play-Doh and found out it’s dried up and useless? Don’t worry, Amazon has a Dash Button available that can re-order a 36-Can Mega Pack at the push of a button!

Get yourself a Play-Doh button here.

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