Make Perfect Ice The Easy Way

Upgrade your ice with the Ice Chest from Wintersmiths.

Wintersmiths Ice Chest

Whether you’re drinking whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rum, or tequila, there are generally four key elements to any good cocktail: liquid, ice, glassware, and garnish.

You’re probably already drinking top shelf liquids, pouring them into some really nice glassware, and adding the best garnishes you can find (like these cherries) so why are you skimping on the ice?

The Ice Chest from Wintersmiths is the easiest way to make large, crystal-clear, slow-melting ice cubes or ice balls for your next cocktail.

It works in any freezer, and doesn’t require any fancy water or complicated process to make. Just pour in regular tap water, and let the directional-freezing technology remove and isolate air bubbles and impurities.

Get yourself a Wintersmiths Ice Chest here.

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