Margot Robbie Makes Electric Vehicles Sexy

Nissan hired Margot Robbie as their electric vehicle ambassador, and gave her the keys to a BladeGlider to race around Monaco.

Fact: Margot Robbie is hot.

Another Fact: Margot Robbie is so hot, she’s… wait, what was I talking about again? Sorry, I got distracted thinking about Margot Robbie.

In her first role as Nissan’s electric vehicle ambassador, Margot gets to take the all-electric BladeGlider concept for a midnight spin around Monaco, drifting the Fairmont Hairpin, racing through the iconic Tunnel, and chasing another BladeGlider along Massenet before finishing the race in Casino Square:

If being the first official electric vehicle ambassador means that Nissan plans to make more videos like this with Margot Robbie, then I agree with her, “It’s a really exciting time for electric vehicles.”

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