Norton Point Turns Ocean Plastics Into Stylish Sunglasses

Look good and do good with The Ocean Plastic Collection sunglasses from Norton Point.

Norton Point Ocean Plastic Sunglasses

Each year roughly 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our world’s oceans, and it’s a problem that’s only getting worse.

To fight that problem and help clean up the oceans, Norton Point collects plastic from the waters, canals, and coastlines of Haiti, and transforms that plastic into sustainable and socially conscious eyewear.

The plastic they collect and use is called high-density-polyethylene, or HDPE, and is a consumer plastic used in millions of products around the world. HDPE is one of the most common plastics you will find, which means there is A LOT of it floating around in the oceans where it shouldn’t be.

Norton Point also up-cycles wetsuit material to make their soft cases, so they’ve really thought of everything when it comes to making more with what the world has already created.

Norton Point Ocean Plastic Sunglasses

In addition to turning plastic into something useful, Norton Point has committed to clean-up one pound of plastic from the ocean for every product they sell, AND they have pledged to give back 5% of net profits to global clean-up, education, and remediation practices.

Sunglasses that look great, and do something great for the environment?

Sounds like a win-win.

Get yourself a pair of Norton Point sunglasses here.

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