OXO SteeL Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker

The ultimate cocktail shaker for your home bar.

OXO SteeL Press & Pour Insulated Cocktail Shaker

OXO is known for taking ordinary, overlooked products and making them better in every way, so when they decided to redesign the cocktail shaker, you know the results are going to be impressive. Their SteeL 360˚ Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker is designed for easy one-handed use, with a button activated, self-straining top that lets you shake and strain your cocktail with needing extra gear.

Just add spirits, mixers and ice, screw on the patented 360˚ LiquiSeal top and shake vigorously. With the simple press of a button, cocktails can be neatly strained and poured out of anywhere on the 360˚ opening with one-handed ease.

The double-wall construction keeps your cocktails cold, your hands warm, and your bar condensation-free. The patented 360 degree LiquiSeal top features three silicone seals to prevent spills, and when you’re ready to strain and pour your cocktail, you can pour through any side thanks to the 360 degree opening. Cleanup is also easy, since you just disassemble the lid and put everything into the dishwasher.

Get the OXO SteeL Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker here.

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