Press Button, Get Sweets

Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets delivers you a box of small-batch treats crafted by artisans from across the nation at the push of a button.

Prime Surprise Sweets

Welcome to the future! Just push a button, and a box of small-batch treats that have been crafted by artisans from across the nation will arrive at your doorstep in less than 48 hours.

Amazon’s Dash Buttons are usually pretty boring. You press a button, and new toilet paper or some tooth paste shows up at your door a few days later.

But the button for the Prime Surprise Sweets is different: Press it, and you’ll get a box of delicious treats like handmade caramels, decadent brownies, or chocolate-covered gummy bears.

Every time you press the button a new mix of treats will arrive, from brands like Brigadeiro Bakery, Fran’s Chocolates, Cape Whoopies, Chocolate Twist, and Brandini Toffee, taking you on a “ever-changing taste adventure packed with delicious flavors and indulgent textures”.

Treat yo-self!

Get your Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button here.

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