Skull Bar Spoon From Beachbum Berry And Cocktail Kingdom

You already drink like a badass. Now you can stir like one.

Beachbum Berry And Cocktail Kingdom Skull Bar Spoon

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can elevate an experience to the next level. Sure, you can mix any cocktail with any bar spoon, but the Skull Bar Spoon from Beachbum Berry and Cocktail Kingdom stands out as a unique item to add to your bar cart or cocktail tool collection.

With classic drinks like the “Skull & Bones”, “Shrunken Skull”, and “Cannibal Grog”, tiki culture was all about the call of adventure and dreams of a work-free island paradise.

To help you mix your own lethal South Seas concoctions, Cocktail Kingdom and Beachbum Berry teamed up to create the Skull Bar Spoon, with a jewel-eyed skull on one side, a smooth coil for comfortable stirring in the middle, and a large spoon on the other side to help mix together the ingredients in a perfect cocktail.

Get the Cocktail Kingdom and Beachbum Berry Skull Bar Spoon here.

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