The Best Headphones You Can Buy For Less Than $100

Grado Labs Prestige Series headphones sound amazing and won’t break the bank.

Grado Labs SR80e

You can easily spend hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars on headphones, but some of the best sounding headphones come from a company called Grado Labs that’s been making headphones by hand since 1953.

And when Grado Labs says they make headphones by hand, that doesn’t mean some under-paid factory worker in China is assembling them for a dollar a day.

In fact, Grado Labs headphones are all made by hand in a townhouse in Brooklyn, New York that used to be the location of the Grado family’s fruit store:

Usually premium, handmade goods have a premium price, but you can actually get a pair of Grado Prestige Series Headphones for under $100, making them one of the best deals in the headphone industry.

Grado Labs describes their headphones as producing a sound with “warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end”.

Top reviewers have said they “offer impressive sound for the modest $100 price”, are “lively headphones with excellent midrange and treble detail”, and “have managed to surpass our expectations on all levels”.

Plus there are a wide variety of accessories and add-ons available for Grado Headphones that allow you to customize and upgrade your headphones to match your personal style and taste.

Get yourself a pair of Grado Headphones here, and prepare to be impressed.

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