The Secret Glove Every Ski Instructor Uses

The Kinco 901 looks like a work glove, but outperforms every other ski glove on the market.

Kinco 901 Ski Gloves

Why do ski instructors call the Kinco 901 “the best value in ski gear, period” and “the twenty dollar miracle”?

Because they work better than any dedicated ski glove, and cost a lot less.

Ski instructors can be hard on their gear, so when they discovered that a $20 pair of work gloves was outperforming dedicated ski gloves costing five times as much, word got around quickly. Now it’s hard to find a ski instructor that’s NOT wearing Kinco 901s.

The Kinco 901 gloves are made of durable pigskin leather that lasts much longer than regular cowhide or fabric ski gloves, and reinforced leather patches sewn with Draylon thread cover the palm area for extra abrasion protection.

HeatKeep thermal lining keeps your hands warm on even the coldest of ski days, and waterproofing wax is included to make sure they stay nice and dry as well.

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