These Sunglasses Are The Perfect Combo Of Style And Functionality

Julbo Vermont sunglasses are tough enough for mountaineers and stylish enough for rock stars.

Julbo Vermont Sunglasses

Julbo sunglasses have been a favorite of mountaineers and rock stars for more than 125 years.

To celebrate their 125th Anniversary, Julbo brought back the Vermont, a traditional mountaineering frame with round lens, a leather nose piece, and leather side shields.

They have a classic and timeless design that doesn’t look like every other pair of sunglasses out there because they don’t work like every other pair of sunglasses out there. They’re better.

With total coverage that protects you from wind, sun, glare, and debris, you’ll have maximum protection against the harshest and most extreme conditions.

Julbo Vermont sunglasses are designed to work in a wide variety of outdoor environments, and show that you’re a person who values function as much as you value style.

Get yourself a pair of Julbo Vermont Classics here.

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