This Cube Is The Cure For Boredom

Fidget Cube helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and increase focus.

Fidget Cube

If you’ve ever found yourself repeatedly clicking the end of a pen, or folding little pieces of paper into tiny squares, or absent-mindedly scrolling your mouse wheel while reading online, then the Fidget Cube is for you!

The Fidget Cube includes six different sides that you click, glide, flip, roll, spin, or rub. Some sides are designed to make a satisfying “click”, while others are silent so you can be stealthy.

Studies have shown that fidgeting can actually reduce stress and relieve anxiety, and it also helps increase your focus, so in addition to being fun, there are health benefits to playing with a Fidget Cube as well.

Get yourself a Fidget Cube here.

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