This Might Be The Best Flask In The World

Snow Peak makes a Titanium Flask that puts other flasks to shame.

Snow Peak Titanium Flask

Every man needs a good flask.

Sneak booze into a ballgame, bring your own libations to a concert, pass a nice sip around the campfire, or break the ice with a bridesmaid. Once you have one, you’ll find a million new excuses to use it.

And if you’re going to get a flask, the Titanium Flask from Snow Peak is one of the best.

Made from Grade A Titanium, which is stronger than steel but weights much less, it tips the scales at just 3.2 ounces, but can hold up to 6 ounces of the good stuff. Titanium is also a highly inert metal, which makes it one of the best materials for flasks, since it won’t produce metallic flavors and keeps the taste of your whiskey pure.

Each flask is finished by hand, giving it a unique character that will continue to develop over time with each new adventure.

Get one for yourself from Snow Peak.

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