Upgrade Your Audio With Spark Headphones By Focal

Focal provides high-end audio at an affordable price with Spark headphones.

Focal Spark Wireless Headphones

Focal makes loudspeakers that cost more than your house, and studio headphones that cost more than your car. So a lot of people were surprised when they announced the Spark line of entry-level headphones, and said they were going to be “without a doubt the best in-ear headphones in their category”.

If you’re not familiar with Focal, they’re a French company that has been making high-end audio products for more than 35 years, with a focus on accurate, rich sound and zero distortion. Their Spark headphones are no different, and according to Romain Vet, Focal’s global headphone category manager, “[We] want to offer high-quality headphones to everyone wishing to listen to music wherever they are and whenever they wish. The most important thing is to stay in line with the high-quality spirit of our products: sound, comfort and design.”

With wireless bluetooth connectivity, lightweight aluminum construction, a convenient three–button remote control with microphone, silicone earplugs, and a soft touch, flat anti-tangle cable, every detail has been considered to make Spark easily accessible and practical to use. Plus, they sound amazing, thanks to Focal’s obsession with high-quality audio.

Get yourself a pair of Focal Spark Wireless Headphones here.

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