Watch BJ Baldwin Fly Through The Streets Of Havana, Cuba In Recoil 4

No green screens, no stunt doubles, just a high-horsepower trophy truck, a car-crazy city, and plenty of room to play.

BJ Baldwin has wowed the world before with his Recoil video series, and he’s ready to do it again with Recoil 4.

This time Baldwin heads to Havana, Cuba in his 850-horsepower trophy truck to rip through the streets and perform a series of jaw dropping stunts, including a 191-foot flight that goes on record as the biggest residential jump ever landed by a trophy truck.

According to BJ,

“It’s one thing to rip across desert terrain in Baja, it’s a completely other beast to fly through the streets of Havana at 100 mph. There’s simply no discreet way to launch a million dollar, 6,000 pound trophy truck down a residential street that typically is reserved for vintage 1950’s era sedans. We blew the locals’ minds. They had no clue a truck could fly.”

When you’re done watching, make sure to check out Speedhunters’ Behind The Scenes for an inside look at what it took to pull off Recoil 4 in just 8 days in Cuba.

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