WoodSwimmer Brings The Natural World To Life Through Stop-Motion

Brett Foxwell dives deep into the stories contained within wood to create WoodSwimmer.

The amazing thing about stop-motion is how it can bring inanimate objects to life. Normally stop-motion gives life to simple characters or mechanical objects, but in his latest project called WoodSwimmer, Brett Foxwell decided to focus his stop-motion lens on a natural object, and show how, “In the twisting growth rings and the swirling rays, a new universe is revealed.”

WoodSwimmer was made by taking cross-sectional photographic scans of pieces of hardwood, burls, and branches, and then stitching them together into a stop-motion video that exposes the beauty within the wood.

While the technique is straightforward, it’s also brutally tedious to complete, but the payoff was definitely worth the process, and makes for a peaceful and beautiful journey through the world within wood for you to enjoy:

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