You Need This Dash Cam

Protect yourself and your ride with the AUKEY Dash Cam.

AUKEY Dash Cam

It’s time to get a dash cam!

You never know when you’ll be driving along in the snow, following a FedEx truck at a railroad crossing with broken gates:


In addition to capturing train-on-FedEx carnage, a dash cam can also help determine fault in an accident, and avoid the risk of losing fraudulent insurance claims or vehicle-related lawsuits, like this driver discovered:

So what’s the best dash cam to get?

For a long time, dash cams were usually imported from other countries, came with confusing and badly translated directions, and didn’t actually capture very good video.

But now AUKEY has released a dash cam that shoots in 1080p with an ultra-wide 170° field of view, has night vision, a Sony sensor, built-in microphone, an Emergency Recording Mode that’s activated by sharp turns or sudden stops, a windshield mount, and a dual-port charger that can also power an additional USB device like your phone.

Plus, you can set it in time-lapse mode to make epic road trip videos:

For less than $100, it’s a cheap and easy way to make sure you’ll always capture what happens on your drives, both good and bad.

Get your AUKEY Dash Cam here.

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