You Should Be Cooking With Animal Fats

EPIC’s Whole Animal Project brings you delicious beef tallow, pork lard, and duck fat.

Cooking With Animal Fat

Cooking with animal fats is a great way to add meaty flavor to a wide variety of foods.

It’s a time-tested method of cooking that your great-great-great grandparents would have used, and beats spraying some flavorless oil into your pan any day.

Normally the hardest part of cooking with animal fats is rendering the fat for later use, but EPIC has solved that problem with 100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow, 100% Heritage Breed Berkshire Pork Lard, and Cage-Free Duck Fat that are trusted, pure, and stable.

Use these as a butter replacement, on roasted vegetables, to fry, to deep fry, for flaky biscuits and pie crusts, for baking, and so much more.

Get yourself a sampler with all three flavors here.

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