Zero Tolerance 0055 Is The Most Innovative Folding Knife Of 2017

Upgrade your EDC with this Zero Tolerance and GTC Knives collaboration.

Zero Tolerance 0055

What’s the most innovative new folding knife of 2017? According to KnifeNews, it’s the Zero Tolerance 0055, a knife made in collaboration with Gustavo T. Cecchini of GTC Knives, whose work is legendary for both high fit and finish and technical complexity.

Featuring a unique, multifaceted tanto grind blade and beautifully milled and sculpted handle, the ZT 0055 also includes Cecchini’ Spring Loaded Tab (SLT) which hides the flipper when the knife is closed. To open it, just pull back on the SLT and a tab flips up into position. Then pull back on the tab and the 0055 opens like any standard folding knife. The SLT system is similar to a two-stage rifle trigger, and is completely addicting.

In addition to innovative new features like the Spring Loaded Tab, the Zero Tolerance 0055 includes specs you’d expect from a high-end knife, like a 3D machined titanium handle, titanium frame lock, and hardened steel locker insert. The blade itself is made from S35VN stainless steel, a formula that provides enhanced toughness and resistance to edge chipping with no loss of wear resistance. It is rich in niobium, vanadium, and chromium carbides, and ensures the 0055 has a sharp, long-lasting edge.

Buy the Zero Tolerance 0055 here, and add the most innovative new folding knife of 2017 to your collection.

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